Finding an Agency: FabCom Introduces a New World of Interactive Strategic Marketing and Advertising

02 Jun
June 2, 2012
At my former company, marketing, advertising and strategy integrated together represented the new world waiting outside. FabCom helped us open the door to interactive, strategic marketing.

PART II: Finding an agency – FabCom introduces a new world of interactive, strategic marketing 

But that meant entering unchartered waters because we were unfamiliar with how a full service cross channel, cross media marketing and advertising agency worked. Naturally, we had questions about how bringing on this Phoenix area marketing and advertising agency would impact our public relations and corporate communications team. Would they take over? Would we have to eliminate any of our public relations department team members? How would we all work together to connect to this brave new world of cross channel, cross media marketing and advertising?

FabCom had ready answers that quickly put our concerns to rest. Our marketing director not only would remain an integral part of the joint public relations, marketing and advertising team with FabCom but also would manage the agency-company relationship. In fact, it became a joint partnership that was maintained consistently throughout our many years and branding and positioning campaigns with FabCom. Marketing and advertising strategy meetings were conducted weekly, with phone calls in between as needed to maintain open, two-way communication. What resulted was a well-oiled, cooperative, collaborative working relationship with FabCom’s specialized online and offline marketing team that gave us the opportunity to offer input and remain in sync with our new direction. We followed FabCom’s strategic marketing road map that, with each campaign, was woven into our organization’s business plans, mission, vision, values, goals and objectives. Brian’s team dove right in to assume much of the additional work. Because our team’s role in public relations and corporate communications continued to be a vital part of the FabCom strategic marketing plans, members of our department team also were involved to some degree in fulfilling advertising and marketing tactics related to each campaign. We enjoyed the opportunities to point our compass in new directions.