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Q&A with Neuromarketology author and FabCom CEO, Brian Fabiano

29 Aug
August 29, 2012

What is Neuromarketology?

Neuromarketology Book Coverneu•ro•mar•ke•tol•o•gy \noor’-ō\mär-ki\’täl-ə-jē\

Neuromarketology is the study of reactions driven from the human brain based on exposure to specific marketing messages, imagery and timing.

It is the methodology of mapping each of your target audience’s behavioral, demographic and psychographic connection points to your brand. The science promotes dynamically configuring marketing messaging to connect your brand attributes with each of the individual target’s brand-matched characteristics through automation that results in the most relevant method for influencing the specific target.

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How Neuromarketology works:

  • Our core brain responds to specific marketing messages, timing and imagery. If we are able to understand what specific stimuli a person’s core brain responds to, we can create marketing campaigns/messaging to the level that is hyper relevant to the individual. In order to do this, we must segment our target audience into subgroups that share similar values, characteristics or beliefs. Behavioral, demographic and psychographic characteristics are leveraged for this. This methodology will identify their specific needs and expectations, which allows us to provide individualized emotional messaging, CTAs and so on.
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Leading Marketing Strategies Require an Industry Leading Brain Trust

11 Jul
July 11, 2012
Working at FabCom has given me the opportunity to witness the full extent of the brain trust – in action – housed within this Phoenix based advertising and marketing agency that’s at every client’s disposal.

This brain trust is comprised of FabCom’s highly creative team members – each of whom I believe represent the sharpest and brightest minds in the industry. These strategic and creative thinkers choose to work in an advertising and marketing agency environment because they thrive on the wide array of challenges and opportunities to problem solve and create one to one direct and dynamic marketing strategies uniquely tailored to each client and their target markets. With hundreds of years of collective experience in a wide range of areas, these team members are in their element in FabCom’s open, creative environment adapted especially to their creative natures that fosters out-of-the-box thinking. Each person works on this strategic marketing and advertising team because they demand the best resources and the most sophisticated technology in the industry.

Delivering the Best in Strategic Marketing and Advertising : Everything is Possible

07 Jun
June 7, 2012
It takes pure passion for what you do to achieve greater levels of success. So often these days, passion is waning or non-existent in services delivered by companies.

PART VII: With FabCom’s passion for delivering the best in strategic marketing and advertising, everything is possible.

Walking into FabCom, a Phoenix based marketing and advertising agency, has given me the opportunity to feel it once again, the passion felt when you believe in what you do and deliver the highest quality of work that’s so effective, the results generated from finely crafted branding, positioning tactics meet and often exceed each client’s expectations.

Working with Brian Fabiano through the years, I had always known him as a successful interactive marketing entrepreneur who is intelligent, razor sharp, results driven and possessing the strongest of work ethics. Now, I see even more: Brian’s true passion for life, family, the strategic marketing and advertising profession and achieving success for each client. His philosophy about life and the business of strategic marketing and advertising is to give your all every day and leave nothing behind. It doesn’t take long for everyone he meets to feel his passion and take a second look at how they work, think and live their lives.

The Birth of a Strategic Marketing Plan

05 Jun
June 5, 2012
As if it weren’t amazing enough to learn about all the FabCom advertising and marketing resources that go in to developing a comprehensive strategic roadmap for each client, it was even more incredible for me, as a new FabCom team member, to witness the creation of the final strategic marketing plan.

PART V: The birth of FabCom’s signature strategic marketing plan

Setting FabCom apart in the industry and offering the greatest value and ROI for clients, all strategic marketing plans developed for clients contain more than mere words. Our investments of time leverage the greatest return because the plan is multifaceted and complete with usable information and cross channel, cross media resources that provide the client with so much, they can hit the ground running from day one. The strategic marketing plan defines goals and objectives, target audiences (one-to-one direct and dynamic marketing, and relationship and database marketing), background/key issues, competition, marketing, positioning and branding strategy, creative strategy, sales planning/optimization, restraining forces, operational recommendation, media plan, budget and tactics.

Smart Phones and Pads are Eating the Marketing World Alive

18 Apr
April 18, 2012
Are you losing market share? Or have you made the changes needed to gain market share and profits?

FabCom is an interactive, full-service integrated marketing and advertising agency that has been building websites and creating online marketing and advertising campaigns since 1991.  Because we’re among the top “hybrid” marketing and advertising agencies in the Southwest, we are acutely aware of the massive changes that impact how customers are introduced to and ultimately become loyal to a brand. During the last two years, we’ve been actively following the evolution of mobile computing, which is singularly making as many online marketing changes as the entire online marketing arena has made over the last 15 years.

In this time frame, the mobile computing revolution has freed our target audiences to choose new pathways leading them to become customers – pathways not available via traditional advertising and marketing. If your messaging and tactics have not been changed to adapt over the last 24 months, you are quickly about to realize that 33% of the market your brand used to reach – with the strategies and tactics you deployed before this revolution – is no longer reachable. Next year, if the evolution continues at this pace, this number will exceed 50%. That’s a 50% reduction of a brand’s ability to reach its markets if a brand has not reconfigured marketing strategies and deployed the new technology that did not even exist three years ago. Below are fast facts to illustrate this tipping of the applecart in the marketing and advertising industry:

Dscoop7 Presenter to Demonstrate How to Build Market Share and Transform Your Business March 23

21 Feb
February 21, 2012
Traditional marketing approaches in a converging world can leave companies hemorrhaging market share. Brian Fabiano, author, pioneer and ad business innovator, will introduce essential new technologies and methodologies that stop the bleeding and produce astonishing ROI during his break out session at Dscoop7 March 22-24 in Washington D.C. Dscoop7 is a three-day education and networking conference for HP Graphic Arts customers.

In his session from 12:45 to 1:45 p.m. on Friday, March 23, Fabiano will present Neuromarketology: Cross-channel Marketing Campaigns that Generate Astonishing ROI (Session #57). Participants will have the chance to win a free Nook, but must be present to win.

Fabiano is CEO of the Phoenix-based marketing and advertising agency, FabCom, and author of Neuromarketology: How to Develop, Implement and Manage Dynamic, Real-Time, Cross-Channel Marketing Campaigns that Generate Astonishing ROI.

Pioneered by FabCom, Neuromarketology is the methodology of mapping each of your target audience’s behavioral, demographic and psychographic connection points to your brand. The science promotes dynamically configuring marketing messaging to connect your brand attributes with each of the individual target’s brand-matched characteristics through automation that results in the most relevant method for influencing the specific target.

From the Laboratory Directly to Your Bottom Line

18 Nov
November 18, 2010
On the leading edge of marketing, neurology labs have been abuzz with studies on how the human brain responds to marketing and the possibilities for what is now being called neuromarketing. While neuromarketing is a new and powerful concept, it’s not the complete answer to marketing success. What has been lacking is the systematic application of neuromarketing to real world marketing challenges. Not only does Scottsdale Interactive have the unique capabilities to apply neuromarketing to your marketing challenges, we wrote the book on how to do it.

FabCom founder, Brian Fabiano’s new book, Neuromarketology, finally closes the loop from the science of neuromarketing to increased ROI. The book takes readers step-by-step through the application of neuromarketing via a dynamic one-to-one automated marketing workflow. Neuromarketology is neuromarketing supercharged by hyper-segmentation of target audiences combined with an automated creative/production system that delivers the right message to the right person, at the right time on the right platform to optimize recipient relevance and, therefore, ROI.

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