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A Crash Course in Strategic Marketing Planning

04 Jun
June 4, 2012
During FabCom’s marketing research and strategic marketing planning meetings that lead to the creation of its signature strategic marketing plan for each client, the team at this Phoenix area marketing and advertising agency always embarks on a journey of in-depth analysis and discovery.

PART IV: FabCom’s ‘deep dive’ strategic marketing planning – my crash course

As I joined the team to experience my first “deep dive,” we gathered in the Conference Room. Branding and positioning ideas were being scribbled on a white board and an integrated cross channel, cross media flow chart was mapped out on a wall flanked by copies of creative marketing and advertising concepts. In the center of the room, the strategic marketing document was open on a large computer monitor as sections were developed. Inside the walls of this full service, mid-sized marketing and advertising agency, we were challenged to look deeper within ourselves, tap our well of potential, change our paradigm, take a fresh look at what was there and hardwire new ideas.

A ‘Personal’ Discovery for One Public Relations Insider: One to One Dynamic Marketing Success

03 Jun
June 3, 2012
FabCom’s new world of one to one dynamic marketing which opened up for my previous employer now was opening up for me personally as well.

PART III:  A ‘personal’ discovery for one public relations insider: One to one dynamic marketing  ensures success 

Being part of a public relations team at a healthcare organization for many years, I recently had the opportunity to join FabCom’s dynamic marketing team. For the first time, I was connected from the inside to the heartbeat of a leading dynamic marketing agency that pounded with creative energy and unbelievable talent.

After working with CEO Brian Fabiano in my public relations capacity during our client-agency relationship that spanned several years, I thought I understood how FabCom worked. Brian and the one to one dynamic marketing team at FabCom prepared and implemented detailed, targeted marketing communications strategies for us. They were always thoughtfully designed, uniquely tailored and masterfully executed, ultimately generating tangible results. Wasn’t that all we needed to know as a FabCom client? There’s so much more! Seeing the results of FabCom’s work from my in-house public relations position was impressive. Documenting the ROI was gratifying. But having the opportunity to go behind the scenes at this Phoenix area marketing and advertising agency to witness their unique one to one dynamic marketing methodology in process, which uniquely tailors branding and positioning to deliver the most relevant messages to each individual, has been positively enlightening.

A Journey Toward Integrated, Strategic Marketing and Advertising

01 Jun
June 1, 2012
One public relations professional discovers a new world of marketing opportunity for her company and herself

The following blog post is divided into 10 chapters to provide a first-hand account of one public relations professional’s discovery of the hidden treasures in a leading marketing and advertising agency. Check back each week for a new chapter in this enlightening journey.

PART I: Leveraging what had been to understand what could be: A journey toward integrated, strategic marketing and advertising

Working in public relations at a community healthcare organization that had grown into two hospitals, 25 outpatient centers and over $1 billion in revenue for almost 24 years gave me a pretty good feel for the inner workings of an in-house public relations and marketing department. Our public team did everything a multifaceted team could do, or so I thought. Supporting the network’s healthcare and related services for years, responsibilities included media relations; public relations; community, staff and physician relations; event coordination; news releases; publication production; script writing as well as positioning and branding messages. Yes, that even meant dressing up in costume at times — as a blood drop during blood drives and Olive Oil for one grand re-opening. We were garnering community support, winning awards and meeting our public relations goals. What hadn’t we done?

Smart Phones and Pads are Eating the Marketing World Alive

18 Apr
April 18, 2012
Are you losing market share? Or have you made the changes needed to gain market share and profits?

FabCom is an interactive, full-service integrated marketing and advertising agency that has been building websites and creating online marketing and advertising campaigns since 1991.  Because we’re among the top “hybrid” marketing and advertising agencies in the Southwest, we are acutely aware of the massive changes that impact how customers are introduced to and ultimately become loyal to a brand. During the last two years, we’ve been actively following the evolution of mobile computing, which is singularly making as many online marketing changes as the entire online marketing arena has made over the last 15 years.

In this time frame, the mobile computing revolution has freed our target audiences to choose new pathways leading them to become customers – pathways not available via traditional advertising and marketing. If your messaging and tactics have not been changed to adapt over the last 24 months, you are quickly about to realize that 33% of the market your brand used to reach – with the strategies and tactics you deployed before this revolution – is no longer reachable. Next year, if the evolution continues at this pace, this number will exceed 50%. That’s a 50% reduction of a brand’s ability to reach its markets if a brand has not reconfigured marketing strategies and deployed the new technology that did not even exist three years ago. Below are fast facts to illustrate this tipping of the applecart in the marketing and advertising industry:

Exceeding Client Expectations

31 Jan
January 31, 2012

As a leading Phoenix marketing and advertising agency, excellence is routine and expected on a daily basis.  But we will admit… every once in a while it’s nice to hear our clients sing praises for work well done.

We received this nice email from a client today after completion of an on-site photo shoot for the university’s student publication:

“Just a quick note to extend appreciation for the photo shoot yesterday – The students and faculty involved heralded your interactions citing praise for every member of your team having read the students’ work and being able to engage them on it; using actual student code (in lieu of generic code) during the shoot; using props that underscored an understanding of their respective subject matter; and finally, just making everyone feel valued and at ease.  On behalf of the students and staff – I wish to extend my thanks to you and your team for a successful execution.”


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