A Crash Course in Strategic Marketing Planning

04 Jun
June 4, 2012
During FabCom’s marketing research and strategic marketing planning meetings that lead to the creation of its signature strategic marketing plan for each client, the team at this Phoenix area marketing and advertising agency always embarks on a journey of in-depth analysis and discovery.

PART IV: FabCom’s ‘deep dive’ strategic marketing planning – my crash course

As I joined the team to experience my first “deep dive,” we gathered in the Conference Room. Branding and positioning ideas were being scribbled on a white board and an integrated cross channel, cross media flow chart was mapped out on a wall flanked by copies of creative marketing and advertising concepts. In the center of the room, the strategic marketing document was open on a large computer monitor as sections were developed. Inside the walls of this full service, mid-sized marketing and advertising agency, we were challenged to look deeper within ourselves, tap our well of potential, change our paradigm, take a fresh look at what was there and hardwire new ideas.

A ‘Personal’ Discovery for One Public Relations Insider: One to One Dynamic Marketing Success

03 Jun
June 3, 2012
FabCom’s new world of one to one dynamic marketing which opened up for my previous employer now was opening up for me personally as well.

PART III:  A ‘personal’ discovery for one public relations insider: One to one dynamic marketing  ensures success 

Being part of a public relations team at a healthcare organization for many years, I recently had the opportunity to join FabCom’s dynamic marketing team. For the first time, I was connected from the inside to the heartbeat of a leading dynamic marketing agency that pounded with creative energy and unbelievable talent.

After working with CEO Brian Fabiano in my public relations capacity during our client-agency relationship that spanned several years, I thought I understood how FabCom worked. Brian and the one to one dynamic marketing team at FabCom prepared and implemented detailed, targeted marketing communications strategies for us. They were always thoughtfully designed, uniquely tailored and masterfully executed, ultimately generating tangible results. Wasn’t that all we needed to know as a FabCom client? There’s so much more! Seeing the results of FabCom’s work from my in-house public relations position was impressive. Documenting the ROI was gratifying. But having the opportunity to go behind the scenes at this Phoenix area marketing and advertising agency to witness their unique one to one dynamic marketing methodology in process, which uniquely tailors branding and positioning to deliver the most relevant messages to each individual, has been positively enlightening.

Finding an Agency: FabCom Introduces a New World of Interactive Strategic Marketing and Advertising

02 Jun
June 2, 2012
At my former company, marketing, advertising and strategy integrated together represented the new world waiting outside. FabCom helped us open the door to interactive, strategic marketing.

PART II: Finding an agency – FabCom introduces a new world of interactive, strategic marketing 

But that meant entering unchartered waters because we were unfamiliar with how a full service cross channel, cross media marketing and advertising agency worked. Naturally, we had questions about how bringing on this Phoenix area marketing and advertising agency would impact our public relations and corporate communications team. Would they take over? Would we have to eliminate any of our public relations department team members? How would we all work together to connect to this brave new world of cross channel, cross media marketing and advertising?

FabCom had ready answers that quickly put our concerns to rest. Our marketing director not only would remain an integral part of the joint public relations, marketing and advertising team with FabCom but also would manage the agency-company relationship. In fact, it became a joint partnership that was maintained consistently throughout our many years and branding and positioning campaigns with FabCom. Marketing and advertising strategy meetings were conducted weekly, with phone calls in between as needed to maintain open, two-way communication. What resulted was a well-oiled, cooperative, collaborative working relationship with FabCom’s specialized online and offline marketing team that gave us the opportunity to offer input and remain in sync with our new direction. We followed FabCom’s strategic marketing road map that, with each campaign, was woven into our organization’s business plans, mission, vision, values, goals and objectives. Brian’s team dove right in to assume much of the additional work. Because our team’s role in public relations and corporate communications continued to be a vital part of the FabCom strategic marketing plans, members of our department team also were involved to some degree in fulfilling advertising and marketing tactics related to each campaign. We enjoyed the opportunities to point our compass in new directions.

A Journey Toward Integrated, Strategic Marketing and Advertising

01 Jun
June 1, 2012
One public relations professional discovers a new world of marketing opportunity for her company and herself

The following blog post is divided into 10 chapters to provide a first-hand account of one public relations professional’s discovery of the hidden treasures in a leading marketing and advertising agency. Check back each week for a new chapter in this enlightening journey.

PART I: Leveraging what had been to understand what could be: A journey toward integrated, strategic marketing and advertising

Working in public relations at a community healthcare organization that had grown into two hospitals, 25 outpatient centers and over $1 billion in revenue for almost 24 years gave me a pretty good feel for the inner workings of an in-house public relations and marketing department. Our public team did everything a multifaceted team could do, or so I thought. Supporting the network’s healthcare and related services for years, responsibilities included media relations; public relations; community, staff and physician relations; event coordination; news releases; publication production; script writing as well as positioning and branding messages. Yes, that even meant dressing up in costume at times – as a blood drop during blood drives and Olive Oil for one grand re-opening. We were garnering community support, winning awards and meeting our public relations goals. What hadn’t we done?

Smart Phones and Pads are Eating the Marketing World Alive

18 Apr
April 18, 2012
Are you losing market share? Or have you made the changes needed to gain market share and profits?

FabCom is an interactive, full-service integrated marketing and advertising agency that has been building websites and creating online marketing and advertising campaigns since 1991.  Because we’re among the top “hybrid” marketing and advertising agencies in the Southwest, we are acutely aware of the massive changes that impact how customers are introduced to and ultimately become loyal to a brand. During the last two years, we’ve been actively following the evolution of mobile computing, which is singularly making as many online marketing changes as the entire online marketing arena has made over the last 15 years.

In this time frame, the mobile computing revolution has freed our target audiences to choose new pathways leading them to become customers – pathways not available via traditional advertising and marketing. If your messaging and tactics have not been changed to adapt over the last 24 months, you are quickly about to realize that 33% of the market your brand used to reach – with the strategies and tactics you deployed before this revolution – is no longer reachable. Next year, if the evolution continues at this pace, this number will exceed 50%. That’s a 50% reduction of a brand’s ability to reach its markets if a brand has not reconfigured marketing strategies and deployed the new technology that did not even exist three years ago. Below are fast facts to illustrate this tipping of the applecart in the marketing and advertising industry:

Dscoop7 Presenter to Demonstrate How to Build Market Share and Transform Your Business March 23

21 Feb
February 21, 2012
Traditional marketing approaches in a converging world can leave companies hemorrhaging market share. Brian Fabiano, author, pioneer and ad business innovator, will introduce essential new technologies and methodologies that stop the bleeding and produce astonishing ROI during his break out session at Dscoop7 March 22-24 in Washington D.C. Dscoop7 is a three-day education and networking conference for HP Graphic Arts customers.

In his session from 12:45 to 1:45 p.m. on Friday, March 23, Fabiano will present Neuromarketology: Cross-channel Marketing Campaigns that Generate Astonishing ROI (Session #57). Participants will have the chance to win a free Nook, but must be present to win.

Fabiano is CEO of the Phoenix-based marketing and advertising agency, FabCom, and author of Neuromarketology: How to Develop, Implement and Manage Dynamic, Real-Time, Cross-Channel Marketing Campaigns that Generate Astonishing ROI.

Pioneered by FabCom, Neuromarketology is the methodology of mapping each of your target audience’s behavioral, demographic and psychographic connection points to your brand. The science promotes dynamically configuring marketing messaging to connect your brand attributes with each of the individual target’s brand-matched characteristics through automation that results in the most relevant method for influencing the specific target.

Exceeding Client Expectations

31 Jan
January 31, 2012

As a leading Phoenix marketing and advertising agency, excellence is routine and expected on a daily basis.  But we will admit… every once in a while it’s nice to hear our clients sing praises for work well done.

We received this nice email from a client today after completion of an on-site photo shoot for the university’s student publication:

“Just a quick note to extend appreciation for the photo shoot yesterday – The students and faculty involved heralded your interactions citing praise for every member of your team having read the students’ work and being able to engage them on it; using actual student code (in lieu of generic code) during the shoot; using props that underscored an understanding of their respective subject matter; and finally, just making everyone feel valued and at ease.  On behalf of the students and staff – I wish to extend my thanks to you and your team for a successful execution.”


FabCom Drinks Their Own Kool-Aid: Integrated Dynamic Messaging

05 Jan
January 5, 2012
This year we at FabCom sent out our holiday cards in the form of direct mail and HTML, both with corresponding PURLs.  Staying true to our core methodologies, all communications were cross-channel, dynamic and integrated.  And of course… we tracked our results in real time.  All was accomplished through the use and integration of a multitude of tools, programs and creative and tech-savvy mavens.

After receipt of FabCom’s holiday card this year, interlinkONE posted an article on their blog with their reaction.  We’d like to share it:

A Holiday Card Worth Imitating

By: John Foley, Jr. | interlinkONE

Alright, before get too far in this post, I must say this: I received a lot of Holiday cards this year. And I loved them all!

But I just want to take a moment to highlight one that stood out to me.

The Holiday eCard from Fabcom

FabCom is an interactive marketing agency. I love their company and their staff for many reasons. They are energetic, creative, and extremely hard-working. And, they use  interlinkONE’s multi-channel marketing software to help them build, manage, execute, and measure marketing campaigns for their clients, which also gives them extra points in my book.

Google Finally Publishes a Mathematical Equation for ROI

30 Dec
December 30, 2011
Love the fact that Google put together a value equation that allows its customers to use predictive analysis and GAAP accounting principles to demonstrate ROI for online marketing.  Finally!  It just makes sense to document and demonstrate the marketing ROI for continued investments.

We should also note – of course Google would put together the resources to consolidate a methodology that determines the negative effects on your online traffic when online advertising is paused and traffic to your website is solely dependent on your organic rankings.

Click here to view Google’s study.

Those of us wielding the precious marketing budgets of private companies for a career know that nothing that comes easy or cheap is repeatable or sustainable for long.

But, these opportunities do arise.  Just like insider information in the stock market.  And when they do the windows are closed within weeks or months due to human nature.  If it is easy and cheap everyone will do it.  And if everyone does it, then it becomes commoditizing in the eyes of marketing prospects when we are talking about brand, service or product marketing.  And there are many companies that have found themselves chasing fleeting opportunities.

FabCom awarded Google Adwords certification

30 Nov
November 30, 2011
Nov. 30, 2011 – FabCom has been awarded certification by Google as an AdWords Certified Partner. In not one, but two, exams, FabCom mastered the fundamentals of Google AdWords with emphasis in Search Advertising that covers best practices for managing AdWords campaigns.
The integrated strategic marketing firm is one of a select few in Arizona to earn this specialized certification, which demonstrates proficiency and in-depth knowledge of the most current tools and resources available through Google AdWords.

Certified Partners are
online marketing professionals, agencies, and other individuals – such as search engine marketers (SEMs), search engine optimizers (SEOs) and marketing consultants – who currently manage AdWords accounts. FabCom’s expertise in back-end analytics and keyword banks provides optimal search engine marketing and online advertising.

Google AdWords is a service that provides opportunities to run pay-per-click (PPC) ads for business.  AdWords ads are displayed along with search results when someone searches Google using carefully selected keywords.  Ads appear under ‘Sponsored links’ in top positions above the organic search results, and also in the side column of the search page. That way, advertising is targeted to an audience that’s already interested in a particular business.

Personalized Ads, Starring You

02 May
May 2, 2011
The best, most influential pitchman (or pitchwoman) to persuade people to buy a specific brand is very likely…you.

It’s the ultimate form of dynamic one to one marketing, where you are the star of your own commercials. Envision it—an ad where you (or a digital likeness of you) is drinking Coke or using Tide laundry detergent or splashing in the clear blue waters by the Atlantis resort.

This “you as the pitchperson” isn’t some futuristic fantasy of what true, emotionally resonating, dynamic one to one marketing messaging will someday be. Scientific research, and psychological studies that have already been conducted, and some currently underway at Ivy League institutions such as Stanford University, are finding that digital avatars—the images we use of ourselves in games like “World of Warcraft” or on social networking sites such as Facebook—are highly persuasive in influencing behavior and, significantly, in persuading customers to buy specific brands, according to the March/April 2011 issue of Scientific American magazine.

An Important Difference between Website Optimization and Traditional SEO

25 Mar
March 25, 2011
A common complaint we hear from prospective clients is, “I hired a firm to get my website better noticed, but after I spent a fortune, my site is still on the third or fourth page of every defined keyword search.”

As many have learned, it is both time- and money-consuming to try and put an SEO crutch under an existing, under-performing website. We find that it is exponentially more productive and much less expensive to build the right website to begin with. A remodeled website will never be able to perform as well as one built from the ground up to include all the programming, formatting and strategy to excel in today’s hyper-volatile SEO competition. Even a new website built by most firms today may not perform well if it doesn’t include the platforms required and the unique methodology as well as the right technology to leverage your brand online and offline, cross-channel and cross-media.

Real-Time Dynamic Database Marketing

11 Mar
March 11, 2011
What’s better than one buzzword? Three or four strung together . . . Right?

In this case, they actually carry significant specific meaning and your understanding could very well impact your company’s future marketing success and ROI.

Database Marketing

Means generating customer or prospect contact information from a database in order to send promotional offer. The message may or may not be personalized.

Dynamic Database Marketing

This means generating customer or prospect data, and content from multiple databases including contact information, recent and past purchase or website activity and more. Going beyond personalization to hyper-relevance, the message provides information the recipient finds useful and welcome and refers to recipient’s recent activity. Infinitely scalable – up or down.

Real-Time Dynamic Database Marketing

All the above done on-the-fly, automatically; targeted, produced and sent within seconds.

What Exactly is Neuromarketology?

03 Feb
February 3, 2011
Neuromarketology is an emerging field of marketing that studies the reactions driven from the core brain based on the exposure to specific marketing messages, imagery and timing.  It’s the science of knowing each of the target audience’s emotion connection points and methodology of configuring marketing messages to connect the brand attributes with each stakeholder in the most relevant manner for that specific target.

The first step in neuromarketing, the act of Neuromarketology, involves heavy segmentation of the target audience into subgroups of individuals or organizations sharing one or more characteristics, beliefs or values that cause them to have similar needs and expectations and require a unique communications approach.

Neuromarketing can then be achieved by “brand mapping” a product or service’s messaging to the individual targets or segments.  By connecting each quality or facet of the brand to its corresponding target audience marketers can make the most relevant appeal to each prospect and customer, based on their individual perceptions, expectations and place within the buying cycle.  This allows marketers to honestly communicate its brand coherently in different ways to different people.

Neuromarketology Gets National Traction

26 Nov
November 26, 2010
Automated one to one marketing is MUCH more than nurturing, scoring and directing leads. One to one marketing is hyper-segmentation of target audiences combined with an automated creative/production system that delivers the right message to the right person, at the right time, on the right platform to optimize recipient relevance and therefore, ROI.

Neuromarketology book cover on a building Neuromarketology book cover placement on event banner

The methodologies behind neuromarketing are spreading like wildfire nationwide. In addition to appearing on the billboards in New York City’s Time Square and in Las Vegas (pictured above), Neuromarketology has been republished by 240+ media outlets.

  • Forbes
  • Yahoo! Finance
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • Reuters
  • CLICK HERE to check out all of the media outlets that have recognized the power of Neuromarketology.

The implementation of dynamic segmentation, brand mapping and automated one to one marketing is the answer to more results and will soon become mainstream marketing. Major market share will be won by early adopters of this leading-edge marketing methodology and technology.

Is Your One-to-One Marketing Passé?

26 Nov
November 26, 2010
By Cyd Peroni

PaperSpecs talked with Brian Fabiano, founder of FabCom, an Arizona-based strategic integrated marketing agency, about his recently published book Neuromarketology: Harness Converging Technologies and Diverging Audiences to Create Dynamic One-to-One Marketing and Astonishing ROI.

Naturally, our first question was, “What is Neuromarketology?” The author defines it as the science of knowing each of your target audience’s emotional connection points and the methodology of configuring your marketing messages to connect your brand attributes with each stakeholder with dynamic messaging in the most relevant manner for that specific target.

“Neuromarketology aligns classical branding and positioning strategies with leading-edge technologies, the explosion of new media channels, and the ever-more-demanding consumer mindset to empower marketers to soar on the currents of the Google era, rather than being blown away by them,” explained Fabiano.

Fabiano’s strategy is about creating a dynamic real-time dialog with the customer, aligning the marketing message to where the customer is in the buying cycle, and using all appropriate media channels to reach that person at the time and place of his or her choosing.

From the Laboratory Directly to Your Bottom Line

18 Nov
November 18, 2010
On the leading edge of marketing, neurology labs have been abuzz with studies on how the human brain responds to marketing and the possibilities for what is now being called neuromarketing. While neuromarketing is a new and powerful concept, it’s not the complete answer to marketing success. What has been lacking is the systematic application of neuromarketing to real world marketing challenges. Not only does Scottsdale Interactive have the unique capabilities to apply neuromarketing to your marketing challenges, we wrote the book on how to do it.

FabCom founder, Brian Fabiano’s new book, Neuromarketology, finally closes the loop from the science of neuromarketing to increased ROI. The book takes readers step-by-step through the application of neuromarketing via a dynamic one-to-one automated marketing workflow. Neuromarketology is neuromarketing supercharged by hyper-segmentation of target audiences combined with an automated creative/production system that delivers the right message to the right person, at the right time on the right platform to optimize recipient relevance and, therefore, ROI.

Neuromarketology Reveals Roadmap for Revolutionary Marketing ROI

16 Nov
November 16, 2010
Cover for Neuromarketology bookSCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – (November 8, 2010) – In today’s tumultuous marketing landscape, the tried and true is obsolete.  In response, you can chase the latest trend, or find the comprehensive roadmap that reveals not only near-term opportunities, but the keys to long-term market share dominance.  In Neuromarketology: Harness Converging Technologies and Diverging Audiences to Create Dynamic One to One Marketing and Astonishing ROI, veteran marketing innovator, Brian Fabiano, presents new methodologies that are defining marketing excellence in the new economy.

This incisive work has already sold out its first two printings, illustrating the need for new and innovative answers to today’s marketing challenges and opportunities.  Are you fully knowledgeable about the new technologies and methodologies that are revolutionizing marketing?  Does your team know how to harness converging technologies and diverging audiences to generate hyper-relevance?  This book introduces a breakthrough in dynamic marketing called Neuromarketology™.  Neuromarketology aligns classical branding and positioning strategies with leading-edge technologies, the explosion of new media channels, and the ever-more-demanding consumer mindset to empower marketers to soar on the currents of the Google era, rather than being blown away by them.

One to One, Cross Media Marketing Communications are Rapidly Evolving

31 Aug
August 31, 2010
Posted at www.MarketingPowersActivate.com in response to a post from Shelley Sweeney, VP/GM, Xerox Corp. Graphic Communications Business Group Service Bureau and direct Marketing Segment. Shelley’s original post covered personalized communications from the perspective of the printing industry. I wanted to be sure that all readers of this blog really understand the capabilities that are evolving rapidly in integrated, one-to-one, cross-media marketing communications.

Excellent post on multimedia personalized communications, Shelley!

If I may, I’d like to add my perspective as a former printing company owner and the principal of a leading integrated marketing firm in the Southwest that is deeply committed to the future of one-to-one, cross-channel, personally-relevant marketing. In addition, our firm has a decade-long track record of success in targeting, reaching and communicating effectively with college-bound students. I think it’s important for the new technology early-adopters in the printing community to understand how partnering with the right strategic marketing firm can deliver tremendous benefits:

Compete With the Big Dogs: Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

01 Mar
March 1, 2010
For small and medium-sized businesses, marketing has never posed a bigger challenge. The economic downturn has forced deeper cuts in already limited budgets. Add to that the splintering of traditional media channels and audiences, and you’ve got a huge challenge on your hands. How do you reach your audience in the most efficient manner possible? And do it all for less than your larger competitors?

Enter Neuromarketology – Harness Converging Technologies and Diverging Audiences to Create Dynamic One to One Marketing and Astonishing ROI, the new book that presents one-to-one marketing strategies developed and proven right here in the Airpark.

The book was written by Brian Fabiano, founder and CEO of FabCom, a full-service strategic marketing firm headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ. (www.FabComLive.com).

Neuromarketology outlines the new technology and strategic methods that make it efficient and affordable for small business owners to communicate with prospects and customers individually and in real time. Rather than trying to make one print ad generic enough to apply to various categories of prospects and customers, you can now send individual, personally relevant messages to each of them. This highly personalized approach dramatically improves marketing results at a lower cost–a technology my company spent about $2 million over the last 28 months to deploy.

The Leading Edge of One to One Marketing

10 Oct
October 10, 2009
An Organization for Those on the Leading Edge of Marketing

1to1.org is an alliance of industry leaders, early adopters and power users promoting education and advances in cross-platform marketing driven by technology integration between divergent platforms.
The purpose of this users’ group of content owners and content-generating organizations is to advance one-to-one, integrated, cross-platform marketing.

This includes database marketing, dialogue marketing, personalized variable messaging; event, trigger and transactional marketing; and all technologies that promote or utilize advancing personalized communications, integrated across multiple marketing media/platforms to elicit higher ROI from advertising campaigns.

Neuromarketology – A Book Dedicated to Neuromarketing

10 Oct
October 10, 2009
FabCom announces the upcoming publication of Neuromarketology, Harness Converging Technologies and Diverging Audiences to Create Dynamic One to One Marketing and Astonishing ROI, a book on contemporary marketing methodologies by Brian Fabiano. For the first time, Neuromarketology brings together the leading developments in the evolution of marketing and advertising.

While many in marketing struggle to figure out how to balance traditional message and media approaches with the recent developments in neuroscience and marketing technology, Brian, a 20-year industry veteran provides the answers in easy-to-understand language. From neurological insights about how the brain responds to marketing, to more effective branding and positioning, to sophisticated, cross-channel integrated marketing systems, Neuromarketology reveals the secrets to success in the new world of marketing in the Internet age. Neuromarketology will be published in the summer of 2010.

FabCom Gets Some Ink

10 Oct
October 10, 2009

FabCom was featured in a recent article in GATFWorld, a highly-respected professional journal published bimonthly by Printing Industries of America (PIA)/ Graphic Arts Technical Foundation (GATF).

The article highlighted a cross-media, one-to-one marketing initiative FabCom completed for the University of Advancing Technology (UAT). The initiative included two leading content management innovations which anticipate the links a user will want next based on historical views and use patterns.

FabCom also integrated a fulfillment engine to deliver targeted messages in real time on a one-to-one basis. UAT’s goal for the cross-media initiative was to increase online student enrollments by 20%. This goal was significantly surpassed with online enrollments reaching a remarkable 29% average growth rate.

Scottsdale Agency Revolutionizes Website Navigation

18 Sep
September 18, 2009

Fabiano Communications (FabCom) has launched a new interactive website which provides industry-leading breakthroughs in website interaction, navigation and one-to-one intelligence.

“We have created hundreds of websites since we launched our own, and fortunately, due to smart innovative use of technologies available at the time, we were able to continue to grow as a top ten agency in Phoenix with a ten-year-old site. We were in the classic situation of being the shoe-maker with holes in his shoes,” said Brian Fabiano, CEO, FabCom.

“It was time to use some of the technology and talents assembled by our team over the last decade for our own promotion,” added Fabiano.

“From entry, the user will experience a personalized expression as dynamically creative background pallets are displayed, based on the users initial reason to view the website. The new web experience delivers a completely non-linear navigation in 3D space enabling the user to easily locate content from anywhere within the site. Users will enjoy working with the interface that frees the viewer from the traditional up, down, left, right navigation to date,” said Lenny Bugéy, Lead Interactive Art Director, FabCom.

Phoenix Business Journal Names FabCom Choice Agency

01 Sep
September 1, 2009

Phoenix Business Journal’s 2009 Book of Lists named FabCom the winner of the agency choice award for its creative print advertisement.

The ad represented a profile image of a man divided in half. One side was a picture of a tattooed, motorcycle-like man. The other side was a corporate man in a suit. The headline read “They’re both 40-year-old college graduates, yet you can’t talk to them the same way.”

“The message we wanted to get across to prospective clients is that FabCom can help reach their customers no matter how diverse the audience,” said Brian Fabiano, CEO, FabCom.

The Phoenix Business Journal’s Book of Lists is the city’s leading top businesses publication showcasing the top 25 companies of each industry sector in Phoenix. It contains hundreds of listings of the best companies within their industry around the valley, ranking each by income or employees. It is distributed once a year and serves as a yearlong community reference tool.

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