SEO Cheat Sheet for Web Developers

31 Jan
January 31, 2019

Onsite and offsite search ranking results. Google patent 8,843,477 B1
US Patent No. 8,843,477 B1 Google

Note from SEO team:
This morning, our CEO just noticed that one of our web developers had a cheat sheet on his desk for search engine optimization written last week by the FabCom SEO team. He skimmed through it and told us to redact any references to our clients, and then post it on the blog for the benefit of the world. The cheat sheet isn’t Bible, however, but we treat each action item as a Useful Working SEO Generalization for web developers and even web designers. Useful Working Generalizations, or UWGs, is a term coined by the late Harvard Business School professor Martin Marshall in his OPM course taught between 1984 and 1988.

UWGs are “not principles,” according to Marshall, “but are generalizations subject to some if not many exceptions. They are regarded as ‘working’ because marketing is a dynamic subject, and what seems to be a good generalization at one period in time becomes suspect in another period.” With that disclaimer out of the way, as of January 2019, these are the SEO rules for our web developers.

Eyes Wide Open: What Cutting-edge Marketing Really Looks Like

15 Jan
January 15, 2019

With a degree in marketing from a great business school, one would think I know about strategy. Words like integrated, strategic, and plan often get thrown around in the marketing and advertising universe. Of course I know what these words are; I studied them. I wrote an umpteen number of marketing plans for both fake and real companies. I have done the work. I know my stuff, or so I thought.

But I didn’t know that I didn’t know. Segmentation, targeting, positioning, and branding are all terms I know in the textbook definition sense, yet I didn’t really know what they meant until I started working at FabCom, a full-service integrated marketing and advertising agency in Phoenix.

First Job

Fresh out of college with no experience, what’s a gal to do? …Get a job at a digital marketing firm. Hired as a Social Media Copywriter, I wrote blogs, and you guessed it, social media. I had my list of clients for whom I curated monthly social media calendars while writing brand-building articles for other clients. My purpose was to make my clients local experts and be the voice of their brand in the digital sphere.

Building your Content for the Best SEO Results

08 May
May 8, 2018

Very few professionals, in-house or out of house, can earn high-value positions on Google that will open your company up instantly to 91% of the available market. The reality is, 99.6% of content creators and pages created every single day by professional publishers (or what we as content creators and SEO ninjas refer to as “hang and bang” teams) earn for a company the chance to only expose themselves up to 8% of the available market – at most – or assures the company that it will lose out on 91% of your businesses chances to do whatever it does. So, how much are you saving by allowing the ilk of in-house content creators, a freebie, cheap or someone who can administer IT networks or draw or design a bit to build and manage your website?

Here is another little secret of the content building and SEO arena. Without a partner that CAN achieve page 1 results with meaningful search terms, then a company would lose out on all but 5% of what you could achieve with a front-page rank by hiring the 99 out of 100 who cannot achieve the objectives nor scale them efficiently when achieved.

The Formula for Award-Winning Ad Design

23 Feb
February 23, 2018

Let me start out by saying I know this entire post is a brag – but let’s be real. As CEO of FabCom, I’ve got bragging rights, and exciting news to share.

This year, we received four Addy Awards for client work that transformed each company. We’re not talking niche association awards. We’re talking a tip of the hat at the national level from judges who are among the best of the best in the industry – the Addy Awards.

FabCom is one of the top, longest-standing integrated marketing agencies in the Southwest market with a special focus on the fusion of business strategy, creative strategies, and new technology. We are not usually a marketing and advertising agency that brags about the quality of our designs. What we do brag about is our ability to meet and beat the goals and objectives of our clients with the work we produce.

We’ve learned that if we show 100 people the same design, we will get 100 different opinions. A top marketing firm does not design based solely on someone’s opinion. FabCom’s strategic designs fuse together business and creative strategies with new technology for one reason: to achieve superior marketing and advertising results and bottom line ROI – not to glean opinions on how good our designs are from random stakeholders outside of the influence or buying cycle – that drives the ROI of the marketing or advertising campaign.

FabCom is a Finalist in the Scottsdale City Flag Design Contest!

13 Feb
February 13, 2018

After 65+ years, the City of Scottsdale is updating their city flag. After running a design contest that was open to the public, they received 260+ entries from all over the state. On Wednesday, January 31, 2018 at the Scottsdale Mayor’s State of the City luncheon the top finalists were announced, and we are ecstatic and honored to say that one of FabCom’s designs has made it to the top 10!

The icons of the cactus and the mountain range were chosen to represent the beautiful horizons and mountain ranges surrounding Scottsdale. Highlighted are the breathtaking, radiant sunsets, represented by the blaze of orange and yellow. The deep royal blue was chosen to create a visceral connection to the depth of elegance within Scottsdale.

It means so much our team to even have the opportunity to design something that will last past our careers. But now the REAL challenge begins — a landslide victory — and FabCom needs your vote!

Top Five Ways To Sell B2B Software as a Service To My Marketing Agency

01 Sep
September 1, 2017

As a marketing business intelligence analyst I get 20-30 emails and several phone calls per week from various SaaS sales reps hawking their latest and greatest software suite that “revolutionizes” SEO, PPC, CRM, Business Intelligence, Analytics, Project Management, eCommerce, programmatic, or marketing automation, ad nauseum. The list keeps growing and growing every year. BTW, thanks to Scott Brinker over at ChiefMarTech for keeping track of the industry growth to put things into perspective for we marketing folks. The point is, there are more and more sales reps out there selling more and more marketing software. Now some of these sales guys and gals really do their homework. They Google my name, stalk me on LinkedIn, and one rep even researched enough to convince our experienced assistant that he was a friend and to patch him through to my direct line.

All this wasted time and effort could be saved by implementing these five software sales tips:

Leading the Way with Business Strategy, Creative Strategy, and New Technology

25 Aug
August 25, 2017

FabCom is proud to celebrate 25 years of innovation and creativity in Arizona.

Being an integrated, strategic marketing and advertising agency is distinctive; becoming continual technology innovators is game changing. At its founding, FabCom was among the first strategic online full-service marketing agencies in the country, and that was just the start.

Decades later, FabCom continues to empower brands to reach their full potential by converging the best of business strategy, creative strategy, and new technology that together wield high-impact advertising and results-driven marketing. 

As the model for the new breed of marketing agency, FabCom has consistently reinvented for clients what was possible for their businesses with the application and deployment of new marketing capabilities and dynamic content development.

FabCom has a deeply proven track record as creative methodology innovators with a long line of Valley firsts:

  • First marketing firm to guarantee the results of your marketing plans.
  • First in the Southwest to deploy artificial-intelligence-empowered marketing business intelligence into our weekly marketing meetings with clients.
  • First marketing agency in the Southwest to adopt real-time ad tracking as well as real-time and responsive mobile designs—long before the rest of the pack.
  • First agency to deploy dynamic augmented reality cross channel within a print ad (Phoenix Business Journal)
  • First agency to deploy multi-channel dynamically-personalized advertising.
  • (more…)

Psychonomics: A Facet of Neuromarketology

31 May
May 31, 2017

More than a decade ago, a small team at FabCom began assembling the set of emerging and converging concepts, insights, methodologies and tactics we had developed over the years into what became a powerful, coherent, dynamic, and quantitative system of marketing we called Neuromarketology.

FabCom CEO Brian Fabiano’s 2010 book of the same title (available on Amazon) has since brought recognition of this successful science to a world-wide audience. As the subtitle of the books states, Neuromarketology allows marketers to “harness converging technologies, diverging audiences and splintering media channels to create hyper-relevance and unprecedented marketing ROI.”

At the time, “big data” technology didn’t exist to compile and crunch the mountains of consumer data streams that are available to us now. As marketing practitioners, we knew that in order to connect with markets effectively, we have to—to the greatest extent possible—speak meaningfully to individuals about why something is right for them, specifically. Not the what. We knew we had to step up our ability to more minutely segment the market beyond simple demographics and census statistics in order to map our client’s brand attributes directly to individuals in the market. We had to go beyond the traditional question, “What do they want?” to answer, “Why are they thinking about what they want?”

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