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Why DIY Marketing Will Ruin Your Business

20 Mar
March 20, 2019

You’re not going to succeed in business by figuring out how to do query matching to classified entities. Stop it. Stop trying to figure it all out. Stop using your time to research if you’re supposed to be running display ads or search ads, if your team needs to complete attribution modeling, and if first […]

My Experience with PPC Fraud

15 Mar
March 15, 2019

I’ve worked at marketing and advertising agencies for years and know everyone does pay per click a little differently. Some agencies might charge 17.5% commission on PPC spend, and some may charge 15%. Some require a $750 setup fee, and for others, it’s more like $2,500. The price to outsource your online advertising depends on […]

Want to Rank in Google’s Artificially Intelligent Search? Know the Difference between Proof vs. Relevant Terms

06 Apr
April 6, 2016

One of FabCom’s higher education SEO & business analytics clients asked why we wanted to update the copy of one their degree offering pages. We explained that while the page contained plenty of keywords that are relevant to popular search topics, it didn’t contain proof terms that indicate authority on those topics. That answer led […]

Marketing to the Millennial

05 Apr
April 5, 2016

“Millennial” is no longer a buzzword. In 2015, there were about 54 million Millennials ranging in age from 18-34. They account for one-third of today’s workforce according to Fortune, which is the largest generation at work. By 2025, Millennials, also known as Gen Y or those born in the ‘80s and ‘90s, will make up […]

Six Common Mistakes When Using Google AdWords

22 Mar
March 22, 2016

Just how Google AdWords campaigns are managed makes all the difference in their success rate. Because members of FabCom’s marketing and business intelligence team have special SEO, SEM and Google AdWords expertise, managing these campaigns for clients includes an in-depth understanding of precisely how to avoid the mistakes that befall many others in the industry. […]

How Do You REALLY Feel About Online Advertising Driven by Big Data?

18 Nov
November 18, 2013

We are often surprised how some people feel when dynamic marketing agencies and smart brands leverage big data to create on-target and efficient online engagements. If you are nervous about how much online marketers may know about you – and we know a lot these days – here’s a thought that may ease your mind.

Google Hummingbird

03 Oct
October 3, 2013

Happy birthday Google! Of course Google could not celebrate its 15th birthday without a major change to the way we find things online. As a SEO analysts for an integrated marketing agency in Phoenix and Los Angeles, I see it as we are the ones receiving the birthday present. Google is calling it Hummingbird, a […]

Smart Phones and Pads are Eating the Marketing World Alive

18 Apr
April 18, 2012

Are you losing market share? Or have you made the changes needed to gain market share and profits? FabCom is an interactive, full-service integrated marketing and advertising agency that has been building websites and creating online marketing and advertising campaigns since 1991.  Because we’re among the top “hybrid” marketing and advertising agencies in the Southwest, […]

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